Effective Vehicle Branding for your business.

The benefits of branding your vehicle.

  • Cost Effective.  Vehicle branding is rental free space for Your advertising. Where your vehicles go, your brand goes.  Your vehicle becomes a 24/7 mobile billboard for a fraction of the cost of standard billboards.
  • If You’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck and vehicle wraps and branding delivers.
  • Vehicle wraps communicate with your customers at the lowest cost per impression of  any  adverting medium. Approximately 1000 impressions are created for every R570 spend and the vehicle wrap
  • By just going about your daily routine, your fleet wraps do the hard part – the advertising – for your company. Your vehicles are in view all day every day. Make them do the hard part – bring in more customers – simply by adding vehicle to your marketing plans.Protection.
  • Vehicle Wrapping will protect your paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions, extending the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Flexible.  If you change your company branding, develop a new advertising message or simply want to freshen up your ageing vehicles, a new design can be applied and the old branding removed.
  • Professional. Branded vehicles are professional and extend the reach of your  brand onto the streets and into the public domain.

Magnetic SIGNAGE

Vehicle Magnets are ideal for short term branding campaigns or motor events as they provide a highly economical way of  promoting your business. For this reason, car magnets are suited to small or home based businesses. Magnets can be easily placed on any flat surface of your vehicle to create stunning, eye-catching temporary images that assist in building awareness of your brand in your market branding messages. Furthermore, car magnets are great for fleets where vehicles are swapped out or changed on a regular basis.


  • Printed in full colour
  • Easy application and removal
  • Come in both standard and custom sizes
  • Industrial Thickness magnetic material

Typical Sizes:

  • 600mm x 400mm – Large Cars
  • 400mm x 300mm – Smaller cars

Helpful tip: Never place your magnetic over a ridge or bump but rather on a flat surface. If placed over a ridge or bump, the chance of the magnetic flying off at high speeds is possible.

How to care for your magnetics

Using car magnets, like all other forms of vehicle signage may degrade the paintwork on your vehicle’s body if the basic care guidelines are not followed.

Remember to:

  • Always to a clean car door. Take them off every couple weeks to clean your car and your magnetic signs.
  • Store your magnetic signs flat when you are not using them.
  • Don’t roll them up or buckle them.
  • Don’t leave them on an unwashed car for weeks and months in hot, baking heat and freezing cold!
  • Be reasonable with your care and car magnets will give you years of good advertising.

Back Window Branding

Rear car window decals are useful for commercial vehicles, personally owned cars, and utility trucks as they provide a popular form of advertising. Car window decals routinely announce that a contractor is on site, a delivery is underway, or another quality job has been completed by your business. Rear window branding may be used on your personal car, work bakkie, delivery van, delivery truck, or speciality business vehicle.


  • Available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Professionally designed brand message
  • Zero rear vision restriction, except when raining
  • Personalized branding
  • Simple application

For the geeks:

  • Rear window graphics may be washed with normal soap and water by hand. They are also safe for most automated car washes. Use care if high pressure cleaning in a “do-it-yourself” carwash and hold the pressure washer no closer than 12” to your rear window truck decals and graphic.
  • They can be applied to tinted windows as tint is applied to the inside of your rear window and rear window graphics are applied to the outside. Installing with tint will not affect your ability to see through the graphic.
  • Do NOT use ice scrapers on your rear window graphic.
  • Do NOT use abrasives or solvent cleaners on your rear window graphic.


Car wraps are a great alternative to spraying, as they provide the same high end level of quality at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for businesses that want to promote their brand  with signwriting across a fleet of company vehicles because of their versatility.

Car wraps are available in two forms namely, full wraps and partial wraps.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Fully wrapped vehicles are an impeccable business marketing tool as they assist people in recognising your brand as being established and professional. There are many factors that could prove troublesome with a full vehicle wrap, that is why it is extremely important that the correct vinyl is used for a full wrap and that all prints are carefully treated and prepared before installation. Furthermore it is vital that your vehicle is wrapped by savvy professionals.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Ideal for people who cannot afford full car wrap as yet as it can be custom designed  to suit your budget to provide a high impact, cost effective form of advertising that works for any type of business.


  • Customizable
  • Replaceable

Mobile Trailers

You see them everywhere you go. Mobile trailer advertising is the in thing and can be placed anywhere. We can manufacture or hire advertising according to your needs. If you have a trailer, we can assist with the manufacture of the print and installation there of. Always ensure that your mobile trailer is licensed correct;y to ensure that you do not incur legal implications!

Council By Laws are as follows

Transit advertising

  1. A transit advertising sign containing an advertisement may only be displayed
    if it is mobile or displayed at specific designated locations approved by
    Council; C130995 OUTDRADVBYLWS 271107
  2. Upon approval of an application for a transit advertising sign, a disc will
    be issued by the Council which must be displayed at all times on the transit
    advertising sign itself;
  3. If a transit advertising sign is used in contravention of subsections
    1. and/or
    2. above or any other provision of these By-laws, an authorised official may,
      without prior notice, remove and impound such sign.
  4. Any transit advertising sign impounded in terms of subsection (2), must be
    kept by the Council for a period of 30 days from the date of impoundment
    and an authorised official must in writing notify the owner of such sign of the
    impoundment if the address of the owner can be ascertained.
  5. An owner of a transit advertising sign impounded in terms of subsection (2)
    may claim such sign within the period specified in subsection (5) subject to
    payment of a prescribed fee.
  6. The Council may if an advertising sign is not claimed by its owner within the
    period of 30 days referred to in subsection (3) destroy or otherwise dispose of
    the advertising sign concerned.
  7. The Council may recover the prescribed fee from any owner who has not
    claimed his or her transit advertising sign in terms of subsection (4).


We offer high quality vinyl car decals that will turn your windows into advertisements in real time.


  • Available in custom sizes
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in a variety of colours

Benefits of Car Decals as an advertising tool:

  • Car decals usually lead to an increased number of leads and orders.
  • It is a cost-effective way to advertise to the masses.
  • This particular approach will benefit your newly launched home-office set up immensely.
  • Car stickers and decals are extremely affordable.
  • A convenient way to increase your sales volume.

Advertising message may reach consumers from different regions if used on vehicles that travel long distances.

Car decals can be used to advertise your business in the following ways:

URL sticker

  • Use a sticker that specifies your company’s website. This will help your consumers to place orders online. This is the most appropriate manner to advertise your company’s website, considering the fact that most of the leads are obtained online. It will also help the viewers to recall your company’s name.Ensure that you include the correct link to your website.

Slogan and Symbol

  • Design a customised sticker depicting a catchy slogan for your product. The slogan should be able to highlight your product or service. Get professional help to craft the slogan, if you are uncomfortable with the writing part.
  • Symbols play a vital role in aiding consumers to recall your product or service. Design an attractive symbol and stick it along with the slogan. This will enable the consumers to identify your product or company easily.

Company Name and Details

  • Put your company name on the sticker. This is necessary to educate a large number of people about your home- office set up. Check the vehicle advertising guidelines before advertising your company’s name on the vehicle. You can also include stickers informing the people about your company’s contact details like phone number and address. The technique can prove useful to attract potential partners or clients as well.

Promotional Offers

  • Promotional offers such as ‘buy one and get one free’ can be also advertised using car decals and stickers. This is a smart way of informing a large number of people about your promotional activities. It will help you to garner a positive response for the campaign. You can also promote your product features via car magnets.

An effective form of advertising from understated door text to full body car and vehicle wraps. Green Frog Sign & Display can help you be noticed and use this ever present promotional medium to your best advantage.

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