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ABS Signs

ABS is a light weight, flexible plastic sheet which can be printed on or decorated with vinyl decals to create a sign. These signs are most often used for safety or warning signs.

  • ABS Signs can be used indoors or outdoors. Note that on outdoor application, due to UV rays, ABS will become brittle and start cracking
  • Standard Sizes – 190 x 190mm, 290 x 290mm, 440mm x 440mm, 2500mm x 1250mm.
  • Thickness of material: 0,9mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Graphic Face Types – We can print directly onto the abs using UV printing or screenprinting techniques, as well as full colour vinyl print or vinyl decals. The method used for the   graphics is determined by the use of the board and the quantity required.

Product is light weight, flexible and cost effective. Great for short term signage used outdoors and lasts forever indoors

More for the Geeks

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a thermoplastic that combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. ABS is suitable for indoor and extended outdoor use, and is also available in a range of make to order colours.

ABS sheet is lightweight with high rigidity and impact strength. It has excellent electrical insulating properties and is easy to thermoform. It can be printed, cut, glued, recycled and is hydroscopic. UV stabilizers can be added for extended outdoor use.

ABS sheeting is highly suitable for POS applications, display units, refrigeration applications, architectural applications, insulation for electrical and electronic devices, cell phone casings, furniture, motor vehicle interior trimmings and fabricated boxes.

ABS Features

  • Tough but light weight     –     High rigidity and impact strength
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties     –     Easy to thermoform
  • Can be printed, cut and glued     –     Easily recycled
  • UV stabilizers can be added for extended outdoor use     –     Easily coloured
  • Can be manufactured in high gloss, matt, leathergrain and pinseal finishes
  • Suitable for vacuum forming; bending and gluing; profile cutting; cut out letters
  • Ideal for custom fabrication


Aluminium plate signs portray quality and luxury in a brand. Aluminum can be used in various ways from an aluminium board with graphics, to reverse cut lettering cut out of the sheet or cut out lettering

The most cost effective being the aluminium sheet with vinyl decoration or print applied.

Aluminium sheet sizes come 3m x 1.5m with a thickness of 2mm or 3mm.

We can also use an aluminium composite material for the display and signage markets. The panel combines two 0.3 mm aluminium surface layers with a polyethylene core and comes with a protective film on both sides.

The light-weight and rigid composite material is ideal for large signage applications, architectural signs, display and exhibition, POS / POP display, digital & screen printing, photo mounting, interior design, industry and transport.

Key Benefits

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent processing parameters, e.g. bending, routing and folding
  • Colour quality, trueness and colour thickness
  • Absolutely flat surface
  • Applicable for screen printing and direct-to-substrate digital printing
  • UV  protection
  • Optimized for outdoor use
  • Low thermal expansion compared to plastic materials
  • Low weight combined with high stiffness and dimensional stability

Architectural / Way Finding

  • Architectural Signage is a term used to refer to a custom sign, or sign system, that assists in identification and/or wayfinding within a specific facility or campus
  • We can customise your architectural signage according to your corporate specifications or we can utilise a standard aluminium signage framework, which is re-useable and cost effective in the long term.

We supply the following standard profile systems which can be used for wayfinding, namely

  1. CoSign (Pdf of Catalogue)
  2. iSign (Pdf of Catalogue)
  3. Vista Green (Pdf of Catalogue)
  4. Vista Curved (Pdf of Catalogue)

The Vsta System is a green product and comes with a lifetime guarantee under normal working conditions. Vista System extrusions are made from alloy 6063. The chemical makeup of the alloy 6063 and the mechanical specifications after thermal treatment have been determined by the American specification QQ-A-200/9D; and the German specification DIN 1725. The extruded extrusions are inspected for their geometry, per tolerances that are internationally accepted: BS EN 755-9:2001, and BS EN 12020:2001. Strength testing is per German specification DIN 50125. The strength measurement determined meet the American specification QQ-A-200/9D or the German specification DIN-1748 and DIN 1746.

Anodise Coating:
Electrochemical treatment creates an oxide of Sulphur on the outer surface of the extrusion. The process is performed in an electrically conductive solution; the process ends with a sealing. The thickness of the anodisation is typically 10-30 microns. The integrity of the anodise coating is tested to international specifications ISO 2143-1981.

Stability of the colour of the anodise process is tested per American STEM G-154-2006. The degree of colour stability is tested per international specification ISO 105 A02-1993

Colour: Polyester powder. Colour suppliers holding international standards GSB Surface preparation: Chromate aestivation per American Specification MIL-C-5541E Painting: Performed electro statically (One coat). Curing: Curing is done in a curing oven (180 +190C) per the powder manufacturer’s specification. (Available upon request)

Testing of the painted coating is performed per Israeli Specification 4402 part 2, that is based on British specification BS-6496-1984, including coating testing for weather conditions; which are tested to specification ASTM G-53-1988.

Lifetime; under normal working conditions.

Billboard Advertising

  • billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure ,typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers.
  • The advantage of billboards which are generally placed along highways and busy streets, is that people are guaranteed to see it. Another added benefit is that many people travel the same route repeatedly, such as with their commute to work each day. This means that they’ll see your billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to stick in their minds.
  • Over 70 percent of the huge billboards, banners and wraparounds erected across Joburg are illegal. And now the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) has warned the outdoor advertising industry that not only will these billboards be taken down, but the companies will be fined and the boards and materials confiscated. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your billboard that gets erected, ensure you apply for Counsel Approval.
  • Billboard design depends on such factors as location of the sign and the advertising budget. The location of the billboard also helps determine the type of sign selected and the size of the billboard.
  • It is important to advise your sign company if you want to change the graphics frequently to ensure your billboard is manufactured to accommodate this function to ensure cost savings when you change your billboard faces. We would then suggest a pocket and bar system which ensures this feature and ensures that your faces can be re-used.
  • Each Billboard is unique, so please contact us if you require more informatio

Building Wraps

  • Building wraps are billboards or advertising we fit to YOUR EXISTING building STRUCTURES.
  • This can be used for covering up unsightly architecture, conceal renovations, or display advertisements. These large-format printscan be manufactured from a mesh PVC material or a vinyl print applied to the surface, dependant on the application
  • We can manufacture any size building wrap, the only limit is the size of your structure
  • There are no limits to what kind of buildings can be wrapped. Textured surfaces like brick or stucco as well as windows or smooth surfaces, can now be wrapped with


  • Our mesh PVC allows 40% of wind to blow-through. Its as attached to the building with a cable frame system or if required, a specially engineered frame.


Weatherability · Tear/impact resistance · Anti-wicking · Excellent printability, suitable with UV double-side printing · Medium air-flow · High temperature resistance · Treatments – standard · U.V. resistant · Anti-oxidant · Coating: Optional · Acrylic coated to prevent pollution and slow the plasticizer migration process. · Extra treatments to increase weatherability and prolong life to exceed the warranty


  • When wrapping with vinyl, The 3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3 is versatile enough to wrap everything from vehicles to trailers to boats to textured buildings. This film is an environmentally friendly option to offer those looking for a greener solution. This new film goes beyond just being non-PVC, with a breakthrough boost in performance in addition to the innovations of 3M films IJ180Cv3 and IJ380.
  • PVC-free printable film, optimal for all 2D and 3D applications on vehicles and also for wall graphics
  • Up to 150% stretchable
  • Controltac™ feature keeps the adhesive film repositionable on the application surface up to the final pressure at application
  • Comply™ feature allows trapped air to escape through micro air channels in the adhesive
  • Dimensionnally stable at high temperatures, stretchable at low temperatures
  • Compatible with Latex printing technology

Cut Out Letters

  • Cut out letters are a very upmarket signage medium for any companies brand. They are individual stand alone letters or logos that are cut from aluminium, Perspex or wood.

    These letters can be spray painted to corporate specification and can be mounted flat to a surface area or on pins raised away from the surface area

    It is recommended that any letters smaller the 60mm be mounted flat to the surface area as the appearance of these letters are greatly enhanced still giving a slightly raised look by the thickness of the material.

    If you are doing a DIY installation, we provide a stencil along with the letters to ensure that you are able to install them straight on your surface area.

    If mounted flat, we recommend a very strong 3M double sided tape or silicone. Letters that have pins behind them for mounting away from the surface, require you to drill into the surface area to install.

    The most common thickness of the material used is 2mm on Aluminium, 3mm on Perspex, and normally  a 12mm on wood.

    To determine the size of lettering you require, we would need the size of the surface these letters will be mounted too. We are then able to import your requirements into our design programme to determine the most suitable size for your design.

    Information we will require if we install your letters

    • Is the surface flat or smooth?
    • Is the surface a dry wall or concrete wall?
    • Are we mounting on stone or tiles?

Chromadek Signs

  • The most popular outdoor sign on the market, the chromadek sign is a metal plated sign which can be mounted on a 25m square tubing frame or mounted flat against a surface.

    Sheet sizes are 2.45m x 1.225m. Anything bigger needs to be mounted to a frame to house the panels and create a bigger sign. Standard Sheet thickness for signs are 0,5mm – 0,6mm. Panels come in 0,8 or 1,2mm but are mainly used on street signs.

    These signs can be wall mounted or free standing on poles. We always recommend backstays (supports) for larger signs to ensure that they are sturdy and don’t blow over. We use a minimum pole size of 76mm to ensure strength in the structure and plant the free standing sign poles at least 1m deep.

    The chromadek face can be pop riveted to the frame on the front of the sign, or the chromadek can be pan folded over the frame and pop riveted on the side. This is a neater approach to this sign type but a bit more costly then a standard face pop riveted on the front.

    Dependent on our clients artwork, we either digitally print the graphic or use pre-pigmented vinyl graphics. When using digitally printed graphics, we strongly suggest a UV coating for the print to ensure longevity.

Fabricated Signs

  • Fabricated letters are 3D letters made from Perspex / Acrylic material.

    This product is a high end, luxurious product, enhancing your brands appeal to the public.

    Fabricated letters can be illuminated or non illuminated. Our letters are illuminated with a the latest LED technology. LED technology is a green product compared to neon tubing used years ago. Since the advent of LED lighting technology, channel letters have become thinner in depth, decreasing to as shallow as 2″ to 3″

    We manufacture 3 different types of standard fabricated letters namely;

    • Standard Front-Lit,
    • Reverse Halo-Lit (backlit)
    • Front/Back Lit (2 in 1).

    Standard Front Lit Letter  – standard channel letter is fabricated from Perspex.  A flat sheet of translucent Perspex is cut on a cnc / laser machine for the face of the letter and the backing of the letter from acm sheeting. The sides of the channel letter, called the returns, are then formed by bending 3mm Perspex into the letters shape.  The letter are then fitted with LED modules.

    • For the best effect, face colors are usually matched with their closest corresponding LED colour.

    Halo Effect – When fabricated letters or logos are combined with internal illumination, with the face remaining opaque, a halo effect is created. This allows light to appear from behind the letter creating the effect.

    Front/Back Lit Letters are a combination of the standard fabricated letter and the halo effect, so the letter face is translucent and the back has lighting emitting from it.


  • lightbox is a translucent surface illuminated from behind. We manufacture our lightboxes from Perspex or standard lighbox profiles referred to as Mae West.

    Lightboxes can be manufactured in any shape and size. It can be single sided or double sided and mounted flat on a surface or suspended.

    Lightboxes can be used indoors or outdoors with different application.

    Internally, lightboxes can be used in shop fitting features or as menu boards where the print can be changed according to the clients requirements

    Rotating lightboxes for exhibition stands or internal displays are also available.

    Lightboxes can be lit up using florescent tubes or LED lighting. We strongly recommend LED lighting because it’s a green product, but also because of its longevity. Florescent tubes require replacing often and end up costing more money in maintenance.

    Standard size internal lightboxes come in sizes A0,A1,A2,A3,A4

    Please note that upon installation of any lightbox, you require a qualified electrician to connect it to a power source.

Mounting / Fixation Systems

  • Cosign Range is an exciting sign fixation range with a wide choice of well designed high quality components, made

    of first-class stainless steel. This new sign fixation system offers almost limitless design variations, very cost effective

    pricing and durability.

    Over the last 10 years, Cosign has become the leading manufacturer of standoffs & sign fixings in the Benelux.

    Designers chose to create fixings in an austere and modern design, in high-quality stainless steel (AISI 303 and 304).

    Even though the sign fixings were designed for indoor use, many customers also use them outdoors in

    non-aggressive environments. Environments with chlorine, salt and metallic fumes must be avoided.

    The design takes into account compatibility with sheets of glass. Silicon rings are used to protect the sheets of glass or

    set screws with a nylon tip wherever possible.

    The Stainless Steel Sign Fixation ranges consists of the following components:

    • Wall mounted panel supports
    • Cable systems
    • Rod systems


  • Perspex® Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality, durable material and the first choice for quality signs and advertising material the world over.

    It is ideal for an extensive range of applications including router or laser cutting sign components; screen printing; digital printing; spray painting; the application of self-adhesive vinyl films; flatbed printing; LED displays, lightboxes and illuminated signs. It’s also suitable for reverse printing on wall-mounted signs; 3D fabricated letters and designs; POS and shop front displays and shelves. Perspex® Cast Acrylic is available in clears, tints, opals and a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses.

    3mm Perspex with cut out letter or vinyl graphics can be mounted flush to a wall surface or with beautiful aluminium spacer dependent on your requirements. Great for outdoor applications due to its durability

    For the Geeks

    • Exceptional light transmission with no inherent edge colour
    • Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering
    • High gloss, hard surface
    • Good thermoformability
    • Easy to clean
    • UV Stability
    • 17 x stronger than glass
    • Fire retardant thermal properties ensure burning
    • Perspex® Cast Acrylic produces little smoke and does not promote the spread of fire. Cast Acrylic Fire Rating: Class 3
    • Low density, making it lightweight and economical
    • Can be cold bent within certain limits
    • Fully recyclable
    • Suitable for engraving and profile cutting

Panelbeaters Signage

  • Through the years, Brand Expert has manufactured and installed numerous signs for Panelbeaters across South Africa.

    We have a standardised range of Bay signs and customise external signage according to panelbeaters requirements.

    We have gone as far as wrapping spraybooths, and creating inviting reception areas with wallpaper and welcome mats.

    We work with major suppliers like RSB Autobody, Bulldog Abrasives, YES Equipment Suppliers and BASF


  • Also known as snap frames, clip frames are ideal for displaying posters and brochures in various locations. They clip open from the front allowing you to change your posters easily and efficiently without removing the display frame from the wall.

    Clip frames may be used at expos, exhibition stands, events and in the office.


    • Available in custom sizes
    • Aluminium finish
    • outdoor snap frames feature a sheet of UHI Acrylic to protect your poster
    • indoor clip frames have a thinner non UV resistant PVC sheet.
    • Designed to be either wall-mounted or suspended as hanging frames
    • Interior and exterior clip frames available.
    • Lightweight
    • Available in various colours.

    Typical Sizes:

    • A0 – 1189x841mm
    • A1 – 841x594mm
    • A2 – 594x420mm
    • A3 – 420x297mm
    • A4 – 297x210mm

Road Signs

  • Road signs need to adhere to SABS standards to ensure the safety of the public. Road signs are reflective in nature to ensure visibility during the day and at night.

    Traffic signs consist of three basic components: a blank, background sheeting, and sign copy. Blanks are made of chromadek steel sheeting, serving as the framework of the sign. Steel is also more sturdy and does not need reinforcement.

    Background sheeting and the letter and symbols for the sign are cut from retroreflective sheeting. This sheeting consists of tiny glass beads or microprisms embedded in a flexible plastic surface; this construction allows light from car headlights to be reflected off the sign and back to the driver. Coloured light is reflected from the sign if the sheeting is dyed with a pigment. For instance, to make “STOP” signs, red dye can be added to the sheeting mixture when it is in a liquid form.

    We supply standard road signs from stops signs right down to Chevrons.

    Please download our pdf for more information and codes for road signage

Safety Signs

  • Whether you require safety signs for indoors or outdoors, we offer you safety signs made of the materials to match your needs. Choose from one of the following materials that best fits your custom sign application. Safety sign can be produced with Photo Luminescent material dependent on the application and are SABS approved.

    When should safety signs be used?

    • Safety signs should be used whenever a hazard or danger cannot be avoided adequately or reduced.
    • Before installing safety signs an employer should examine whether the hazard can be avoided or reduced by collective precautions (precautions that protect everybody) or safer ways of doing the work.

    What types of safety signs are exist?

    • A safety sign provides information about safety or health and can be a signboard, colour, acoustic signal, verbal communication, or hand signal.

    Why should safety signboards not contain text?

    • Safety signboards should not contain too much text as symbols or pictograms on a signboard are intended to be understood, independently of the language ability of the worker viewing it.
    • Employers must provide safety signs if there is a significant risks that can’t be avoided or controlled in any other way, such as through safe systems of work or engineering controls.
    • There is no need to provide safety signs if they don’t help reduce the risk or if the risk isn’t significant. This applies to all places and activities where people are employed.
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